Complaints policy

Complaints policy


The Complaints, Compliments and Feedback Policy covers how The National Logistics Academy manages complaints received from its customers.

All members of the National Logistics Academy will ensure that their individual organisation Complaints, Compliments and Feedback Policy complies with the requirements of this document. The National Logistics Academy will verify this through annual due diligence monitoring.

For the purposes of this document the following definitions are utilised:


A Customer is an individual or organisation utilising any of the services provided by The National Logistics Academy and/or its members. This includes, but is not limited to, learners enrolled on Apprenticeships with members, their parents should they be aged 16-18, and their employers. Staff employed by members may also use this policy to complain about any aspect of the National Logistics Academy’s provision.


A complaint is identified when a customer expresses dissatisfaction regarding provision of a service delivered by The National Logistics Academy or through of its members.

This policy covers the following key sections:

1. Customer Complaints Procedure

2. Raising a Complaint

3. Recording customer Complaints

4. Data Protection

5. Customer Complaint Process

6. Appeals Process

7. Complaints Escalation to other Awarding/Funding bodies

8. Contravention of this Policy


The National Logistics Academy considers all complaints raised by customers as extremely serious and will look to deal with them as quickly and effectively as possible, and to the customer’s complete satisfaction. Therefore, all of The National Logistics Academy and their members’ staff are committed to responding to any complaint raised within 5 working days of receipt.

Any complaint made by an employer or a direct National Logistics Academy customer, will need to be reported to and dealt with by The National Logistics Academy. A customer who is dissatisfied with any services provided by a member, must be dealt with by the member organisation in the first instance, and must only be escalated to the National Logistics Academy should a satisfactory local solution not be reached.

The National Logistics Academy expect that any complaint will be responded to promptly, properly, fairly and consistently, and, under normal circumstances, within a maximum of 5 working days from the complaint being raised by the customer. A resolution will be agreed and communicated with 10 working days. Where there is an unavoidable delay, the customer will be kept informed of this and provided with a revised timescale.

In more complex cases, where the complaint may take longer than 10 working days to investigate and resolve the issue, the customer will still be notified within 10 working days of any progress made to date, the reason for the delay and the revised timescale. This notification will either be in writing or via e-mail.

Where a customer complains about a member of staff, the complaints procedure ensures this is investigated fairly, openly and thoroughly. Occasionally, where a complaint leads to disciplinary action and appropriate information relating to the complaint may then be recorded in the staff member’s personnel file. For reasons of data protection, the customer will not be informed of any disciplinary action taken.

Members must keep a log of any complaints received, as these will be frequently monitored by The National Logistics Academy.


The National Logistics Academy and its members encourage any customers who are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service and wish to register a complaint, to bring this to our attention as soon as possible.

In the first instance, and where possible, this should be raised with personnel at a local level: for example, with the course tutor at the member provider, and consequently in accordance with their procedure. However, if this is not possible or appropriate, the complainant should deal directly with a member of the management team at the member provider.

There are some incidents in which it may not be appropriate to raise a complaint with the member partner, and in these instances we suggest customers contact The National Logistics Academy directly. These are:

Complaints about discrimination based on:

  • age

  • sex

  • race, religion or belief

  • sexual orientation

  • disability

  • pregnancy or maternity

  • marriage or civil partnership

  • gender reassignment

The government’s counter terrorism strategy:

  • The National Logistics Academy is committed to preventing people from being drawn into extremism and terrorism. If an individual has concerns about a possible terrorist act; or concerns about any individual they believe may be involved in extremism, they may use this route to contact us for support.

Any of the following, relating to yourself or to another person and to the member:

  • physical abuse

  • sexual abuse or inappropriate conduct

  • emotional or psychological abuse, or bullying

Should a customer wish to complain directly to The National Logistics Academy, they must do so in writing to the following address:

Contact Details:


Quality Improvement Team

The National Logistics Academy




M24 1RU

When making contact, please provide us with your full name and contact details, including a daytime telephone number.

Please also provide the following information:

  • A full description of your complaint (including the subject matter and dates and times if known)

  • Any names of the people you have dealt with so far

  • Copies of any documentation or letters which relate to the complaint

The National Logistics Academy and its members asks that a complaint is raised as soon as possible after the event so that we have the opportunity to investigate fully, and in a timely manner.


Members are accountable for recording, and sharing with the National Logistics Academy, the following details about each complaint received:

  • The name of the customer raising the complaint, and basic details regarding the complainant to enable monitoring under equalities legislation

  • The date on which the complaint was received, and the date on which a response was provided

  • The nature of the complaint

  • Details of the investigation conducted

  • The resolution provided

  • Whether the complaint is closed (where the customer is satisfied with the resolution) or remains open (where they remain dissatisfied and wish a further investigation to take place or an alternative resolution to be provided)

Collating this information from each member on a monthly basis, the National Logistics Academy will maintain records on the following:

  • Number and nature of complaints

  • Dates complaints received and dates of responses

  • Performance in meeting the timescales

  • Outcome of complaints at each stage i.e. upheld, not upheld, resolved etc.

  • Level of customer satisfaction with the way the complaint has been handled

  • Any trends in complaints relating to Equality & Diversity Impact Measures

Records of complaints form a basis from which we will strive to improve the services delivered by The National Logistics Academy and its members. All complaints, and their respective outcomes, will be fed back to all personnel involved to use the information/feedback to avoid similar issues occurring in future.

The National Logistics Academy and its members can use complaints information as follows:

  • As an opportunity to learn more about customers’ issues and dissatisfaction

  • As a means of measuring the quality of our services and levels of customer satisfaction

  • To implement improvements with the services we provide

  • To identify any gaps in the provision of services, and to address these gaps

  • To improve relationships with customers


All customer personal or business information gathered and/or held during the submission and investigation of a complaint will be kept in strict confidence, for the sole use of The National Logistics Academy and/or its members in meeting its stated objectives. No information will be released to a third party in a format that will allow identification, except with the express consent of the individual, or as may be required by law.


Complaints received at member level:

All members personnel must follow their respective customer complaint process to ensure that all complaints and/or any other issues are being logged, investigated and resolved to the customers’ satisfaction. Where identified, improvements should be implemented to further reduce the potential risk of complaints and/or issues occurring in the future. Records of all complaints must be kept by the member so that they can be reviewed by The National Logistics Academy on a regular basis as a part of the Quality Assurance process.

Should it not be possible for the member to reach a satisfactory resolution, they must provide the complainant with the contact details for the National Logistics Academy who will follow the procedure outlined below. The member must also inform the National Logistics Academy that a complaint will be forthcoming, and demonstrate full cooperation in the consequent investigation

Complaints received directly by The National Logistics Academy or escalated from a member:

The complaints procedure involves 4 individual stages:

Stage 1 - Complaint received by the National Logistics Academy Quality Team

Stage 2 - Investigation

Stage 3 - Outcome

Stage 4 – Resolution

Stage 1 - Complaint received

• Quality Team Member collects full contact details and nature of the complaint from the customer.

• Quality Manager informs the customer that an investigation will be conducted and a resolution sought within 10 working days.

• A letter/email will be sent from the Quality Team acknowledging the complaint to the customer, including a copy of the Complaint Policy, and referencing an estimated timescale for completion of the investigation.

• Quality Manager to identify investigation lead and share all relevant details.

Complaints received by employers will be direct to the relevant Key Account Manager.

Complaints received by a candidate, learner or apprentice will be direct to the relevant Network Development Manager.

Stage 2 - Investigation

• The relevant member of The National Logistics Academy Quality Team will conduct a full investigation into the complaint/issue raised by the customer within 10 working days.

• The Quality Team will support with the investigation where required and ensure all issues are fully investigated and recorded within the agreed timescale.

• The relevant Manager will keep the customer informed and updated on the progress of the investigation and, along with the Quality Manager, will also ensure timely resolution of the complaint.

• Where a complaint is raised against a member, the relevant Quality Team member will inform the person responsible for customer satisfaction within the member’s organisation.

Stage 3 - Outcome

  • The National Logistics Academy Management team will make a judgment based on the investigation findings and come to a conclusion on any action required to address the complaint.

  • The outcome of the investigation and any additional actions that may be required will be confirmed by the Quality Manger and communicated to the investigating manager.

Stage 4 - Resolution

  • The Quality Manager will communicate the outcome of the investigation to the customer via telephone/email/face to face contact within 10 days.

  • The Quality Manager will write to the customer with the investigation findings and outcome.

  • The Quality Manager will update the complaints log, with any actions established from the investigation to be shared with the Senior Management Team during the monthly National Logistics Academy Senior Management Meeting.


In the unlikely event that the customer remains unhappy regarding the outcome of the investigation into their complaint, the customer retains the right to escalate their complaint to the General Manager. Any additional information should be included for consideration, and the customer should state clearly why they remain unhappy with the outcome.

Based on this information, the General Manager will investigate the complaint further and respond within 5 working days.

The General Manager can be contacted as follows:

The General Manager

The National Logistics Academy,




M24 1RU

This is the final route of escalation within The National Logistics Academy. Therefore, if a satisfactory resolution has failed to be reached, following our complaints procedure and your complaint is in relation to services you have received relating to your course and achieving your qualification then please contact the Awarding Organisation directly.


If a complaint is raised by an externally funded learner and the learner is not happy with the outcome of the investigation, then the learner will be provided with the contact details of the external awarding body’s customer service team.

Should you require details of any Awarding Body, these will be provided by The National Logistics Academy Customer Service Co-ordinator on the number listed previously.


Failure to comply with any of the requirements of this policy is taken very seriously by The National Logistics Academy and may result in action being taken as defined within The National Logistics Academy’s membership agreement.

Date: October 2018